Along the Red Road

Some of the most breathtaking Big Island scenery is just a few miles from my home. Known as the Red Road, it hugs the coastline from Kapoho to Kalapana.

Listen to the waves

There’s plenty of things to do and see along the way. Stop off at the Ahalanui Hot Pond for a warm soak and have your feet nibbled on by the friendly fish.

Feel the wind in your face along the shore.

Smell the salt in the air

Watch the surfers at “Shacks”.

Surfing at Poho'iki

Hike to the new Black Sand beach at Kaimu. Another day in paradise…

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2 Responses to Along the Red Road

  1. Robert and Koko says:

    We are keliihoomalu ohana care taker of kaimu beach and looking for surf picture to add to our story board. We like to ask permission to use your picture and we will credit name of photographer.

    • Marcia says:

      Aloha Robert and Koko,

      If you could link back to my blog and list Kahili Creations as the photographer, that would be great.


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