Sea glass jewelry

When my sister, aka Beachgemming, asked me several years ago if any of the beaches around me had sea glass, I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. I’m so glad she introduced me to it, because “beachgemming” has become my favorite way to relax.


The baubles of glass, frosted and tumbled smooth by the constant motion of the sea, glint like tiny treasure along the shore.

I love photographing my glass. My very first appearance on the from page of Etsy wasn’t for my jewelry, it was for a sea glass meditation box I had in my shop.

Most of my collection of glass is rounded in shape, but I use some English sea glass in my jewelry because I prefer their flatter shape. I love the way my Ahu Seafoam Vertical showcases the frosty beauty of the glass.

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  1. Kahili says:

    @stephchows, I’m getting some English glass in the next few weeks, I’ll let you know when I get design another necklace. Mahalo!

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