Sharks at Hapuna Beach

A friend came over a few weeks ago and I asked, “When does school start for the kids?” “August 1st,” she said. What?? What happened to school starting in mid-September? Well, there goes my plan for a mother/daughter trip to Maui. In a pinch, I booked a room for a few nights at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel for a back-to-school mini-break.

Behold the gorgeous view from the hotel lobby:

Upon checking in, I loved how the agent casually mentioned, “Enjoy your stay. Oh, and the beach is closed because of the sharks.” “Jellyfish?” I asked. “No, the other thing…” Everyone was laughing.  I knew there was a chance that the beach would be closed because of previous sightings earlier in the week, but I thought that maybe they wouldn’t be there!

The kids love to swim in the pool, so we enjoyed the warm (chlorinated!) water that afternoon. This was my view…and no sharks to worry about:

The next morning, the county helicopter cruised up and down the coast looking for the sharks.

The coast was clear, so they say…

Crisis averted, family vacation saved!


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