An olivine inspiration

I hadn’t seen my friend Shirley for over 25 years, and when she emailed to say she would be on my island, I was thrilled. We were staying in the same area on the Kohala Coast, so I suggested we meet at one of my favorite spots.  A-bay is a gorgeous little beach, and was perfect for our keiki (children) to frolic.

While waiting for her to show up, I was looking for puka shells, when I noticed tiny pieces of olivine (aka peridot) in the sand. Olivine is a common mineral component of Hawaiian lavas and one of the first crystals to form as magma cools. There’s an entire olivine beach at the south point of Hawaii island.


The rough little nuggets of olivine inspired me to make some new pieces. Since selling olivine from the beach is disrespectful (and illegal!) here, one of my favorite gemstone dealers had some untreated peridot beads just waiting for me to purchase.

Here are some of my inspiration pieces for those born in August…or who love the kiwi-green hue of peridot. I added glass earrings because their beautiful color reminded me of peridot. Blog readers receive 30% off the August Birthstone Collection with code OLIVINE30.  Offer expires 07/30/12.

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